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Primary Careers -Government response to the Education committee recommendations for CEIAG Pt 3

Wednesday 27th September 2023

The third in my series of blogs about the Government's response to the Education Select Committee's recommendations for CEIAG.

Link to part 1 The system of CEIAG can be found here
Link to part 2 Organisations delivering CEIAG here

Careers in Primary

As many of you may know, I along with John Ambrose of Complete Careers were the main authors of The CDI Primary Careers Framework, so this section is very important to me. Sadly it doesn't tell us a lot!

CEIAG in Primary Schools

  • We'll be looking at the results of the pilot which is focussed on areas that are disadvantaged and will be making decisions based on what proved successful. The interim report will be out in 2024 and the final report in 2025.
  • We published What Works Primary in 2018

  • Careers education in primary schools looks very different from that in secondary and colleges.
  • It is important that schools are provided with guidance and resources to support them in delivering CEIAG.
  • The CEC have developed The Primary Platform There is an opportunity to self assess via an audit tool available on the platform. This is mapped against the six principles of skills builder
  • We will continue to develop evidence to support teachers with guidance, support and resources.

That's it folks... All the response has to say on primary CEIAG

I'm not using these blogs to comment on the rights and wrongs of these responses, though I'll be very happy to hear your views. Look out for the next section tomorrow.

Of course, if you can't wait and you'd like to read the entire report you can do so here