Careers Department Ofsted Readiness

Since the introduction of the new Ofsted inspection handbook inspections into careers provision have been variable, however, over the past 12 months the focus has become sharper. The skills bill indicated that there was an expectation that Ofsted take more note of careers and especially the impartiability aspect which is underpinned by the Baker Clause. In addition Ofsted is planning a thematic review of careers over the coming months and this will lead to a more regularised approach to inspection. My advise is to prepare for an inspector who is fully cognisant with good careers practise and will inspect accordingly.

Single school support

This service includes:

  • This service consists of up to 3 hours support via phone, email and/or Skype to prepare the careers department for Ofsted inspection
  • Checklist for your Ofsted folder
  • Up to the minute information on current Ofsted guidance for careers Cost £200

Group training for careers leaders, SLT and Governor Links

A 90 minute presentation with support materials that provides careers leaders to go back to school and brief their SLT on what is needed to meet the requirements of inspection. This will include

  • A breakdown of how careers now can be reflected in ALL inspection areas
  • The records that need to be kept
  • Meeting the requirement for impartiality & The Baker Clause
  • Highlighting of areas of particular importance
  • Support for prioritising actions

This option is more suitable for MATS, LEPS, Local Authorities where up to 50 delegates can be accomodated.

Cost £450 within 60 mins travel time from central London. Further distances can be accommodated but may be charged at a higher rate to reflect travel time.
£400 within the M25
£400 via webinar

All delivery options include

PDF or Word versions of handouts and instructions as well as the presentation.
Question and Answer session at the end of the session.

Just email for more information.

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