What Services can Outstanding Careers offer me?

Careers Education Consultant, Ofsted Inspection Careers, Statutory Guidance Careers

Outstanding Careers is able to offer many services and can perform various functions to enable you to deliver excellent, targeted careers learning and interventions to suit your requirements.

The listed items are either:

  • Routine tasks which can take inexperienced staff many hours to complete but are services that Outstanding Careers can provide to an excellent, cost effective standard.


  • Supportive activities/training to ensure that those responsible for the provision of careers education are adequately skilled and equipped with pragmatic and effective strategies & knowledge to deliver careers education &/or IAG.

We can ensure that these tasks are completed to the highest standard in a cost effective and professional way, whilst ensuring your staff has effective CPD to continue the improvements that have been put into place.

We also have bespoke services available if requested; please contact us for more information.

All prices quoted are not inclusive of any travel or accommodation costs that may be payable.

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