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Organisations Delivering CEIAG - Government response to the Education committee recommendations for CEIAG Pt2

Tuesday 26th September 2023

The second in my series of blogs about the Government's response to the Education Select Committee's recommendations for CEIAG.
You can read part one here

In this blog we'll look at the section regarding the organisations delivering CEIAG. This is a very important section for careers leaders as the support of external organisations is vital to the delivery in any school. So without further ado...

  • The careers hubs have expanded quickly and by 2024 should cover 95% of schools and colleges
  • We do intend for all schools and colleges to be part of a careers hub

  • Every school must have a Careers Leader who is SLT or reports to SLT and schools are urged to support their careers team.
  • We're not going to set a specific amount time, it may lead to some Careers Leaders who are doing more than that minimum having their time reduced and/or place a burden on the school collecting this data. (I know I said I'm not going to comment on this response, but I'm really resisting the idea of putting a LOL emoji here)
  • We're still funding Careers Leader training.

  • We agree, young people want a more unified access point for information
  • We will be launching a new 'digital front door' for skills and careers in autumn 2023. This will be the upgraded NCS website with better search systems, design and functionality.

  • We agree with Sir John Holman, there needs to be more coherence between all the organisations delivering CEIAG support and we intend to explore that further.
  • We believe that nationally funded provision should be delivered locally where possible

  • We disagree that we should ringfence funding for careers advisers. Schools should be left to decide how they spend their budgets.
  • The role of careers adviser is one for someone who is professionally trained and schools should be left to decide how they wish to fulfill that requirement. E.G. schools may wish to buy in from an external company or they may wish to employ a careers adviser directly.
  • 85% of schools say that 76%+ of their pupils have had a careers interview by the end of year 11 and 66% of schools offered a further interview by the end of year 12/13

  • No more money we fund the CEC and working towards the Gatsby Benchmarks improves outcomes for those schools who experience a high number of pupils in need for further support.
  • The career leader training improves outcomes.

  • We agree, we're already doing lots of things especially in Educational Investment Areas (EIAs)
  • Working with the CEC has resulted in the most deprived areas of England having some of the best CEIAG provision.
  • The CEC has a key performance indicator of supporting interventions in schools where there is a high proportion of free school meal (FSM) pupils.
  • There are other pilots going on and they may well be rolled out at a later date depending on their efficacy. E.G. A pilot of work experience in rural and coastal areas is currently ongoing.

I'm not using these blogs to comment on the rights and wrongs of these responses, though I'll be very happy to hear your views. Look out for the next section tomorrow.

Of course, if you can't wait and you'd like to read the entire report you can do so here