A day at the NCGS (National Careers Guidance Show) Olympia

Wednesday 2nd March 2016

I've had an amazing day. Today, for those of you who are unaware was the annual NCGS at Olympia I delivered a short seminar in collaboration with Andy Gardener from The Central London Careers Hub on Ofsted requirements for CEIAG under the Common Inspection Framework and why careers education needs to be cross curricular.

What the seminar was about?

The seminar was very well received, in fact there were people standing at the back and the side and every single seat was full. I had so many requests for a copy of the presentation that I had to promise to upload it to the website. So with no further ado, here it is. NCGS Presentation

Andy Gardner, with whom I've been working delivering sold out half day workshops on the cross curricular careers model; then took over to explain how his workshops are used by careers staff and teachers to get up to date information and ideas to include careers activities into lessons. What makes the CLCH so different is the very reasonable cost of sessions., currently around £25 each

He also explained how a small number of schools are sending year 12 students to sessions so that they can become 'subject ambassadors' in school. The presentation NCGS Linking Careers to the Curriculum

Details of the programme of CPD available from CLCH can be found here

A roundup of Twitter Comments

@CareersDefender doing a great talk at the career guidance shoe, great prep for #ncw2016 pic.twitter.com/PguzF3CqPO

— Caroline Green (@CGCareersChamp) March 2, 2016


@CareersDefender Fantastic presentation today. Packed seminar with great information. Will you share it? #NCGS16 pic.twitter.com/GxhbFhOqk4

— Blackbird Jarvis (@blackbirdjarvis) March 2, 2016


Excellent day at #nationalcareersguidanceshow even managed to catch @CareersDefender and @CenLonCareerHub. Useful info to #inspire careers!!

— Woodbridge CEIAG (@WHSCareers2015) March 2, 2016