An Open Letter to Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP

An Open Letter to Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP

Friday 4th March 2022

I sat and wrote this open letter to the head of the Education Committee the day after the Skills Bill was published but sat on it for a while as one should never publish such things in haste. Over a week later I still feel strongly that this is something the careers community should follow up on.

Career guidance is a professional activity. It is not just something that anyone can do It's time the public knew and understood what we do and gave us the respect that well qualified, caring professionals are due.

The CDI and other organisations launched the Career Guidance Guarantee in October 2021 It's time to get the public behind it and make sure they know the value of what we do.

Thanks to @TFCareersNet for first posting

Thanks to FE News for getting in contact and asking if they could publish it too