What will the snap General Election mean for careers?

Tuesday 18th April 2017


Today we've all been shocked by the announcement of a General Election on 8th June. Being careers focussed my first thought was there goes the new statutory duty...

What about the statutory duty?

The last new version of the statutory duty for careers was published in 2015, there have been a couple of updates with minor changes. The last being a couple of weeks ago where the only change was the reference to the Quality in Careers Standard's organisational changes.

Last year we were told that there was a new updated duty on the way in the spring, then we were informed it wouldn't be released until after the referendum, since them we've been told umpteen times that it's being rewritten and we recently heard that it would be out before the summer break.

Today's announcement means that yet again there will be a further delay. So once more, the schools that don't give careers any thought will be able to continue in that vein.

This won't affect you if your school does a good job of careers.

If your school goes above an beyond, as a small percentage of schools do, this won't have any affect on you. The real effect will be felt by the majority of young people whose schools have focussed their efforts elsewhere and don't promote apprenticeships. organise employer engagement, employ qualified careers advisers... These young people will be added to the huge numbers of people under the age of 25 who have, since 2012, been affected by the Government's continual tinkering with careers.

It's time to sort this out. These millions of young people will continue to be disadvantaged in a volatile job market affected by Brexit and the political unrest.

Is there anything else we need to be aware of?

Well I'm presuming the new legislation that compels schools to allow access by HE & training providers to their students won't be going through.


What will happen with the industrial strategy?

What will happen with the CEC if the Conservatives don't win?

What's the betting that grammar schools are part of the Conservative manfesto and thus easier to introduce?