A glimmer of hope for careers? - Labour Policy Review

Friday 2nd May 2014

From page 12 of Labour's Policy Review - Putting Students and Parents First Which can be found on Google Drive at


Careers advice: Whilst there is a requirement on schools to provide independent careers advice, recent changes have all but demolished any coherence in relation to developing programmes for social mobility, careers and life choices. Much evidence has been provided of the disintegration of independent careers advice and the importance of not simply
providing information in a vacuum, but tailoring it to the needs of individual young people. It will be necessary for an incoming government to draw on existing evidence to determine how and by whom careers advice and progression into post-16 education should be
provided. This would build on existing best practice and on plans laid out in the third report of the Labour Party Policy Review's independent Skills Taskforce, which recommended that Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), were they to be expanded and provided with greater
core resources, should play a lead role in brokering workplace learning by helping to build relationships between employers and schools.

Thanks to Denise Burtuchi who drew my attention to the document.