Does it have to be education vs CEIAG?

Thursday 6th March 2014

Vince Cable has put the cat amongst the educational pigeons by saying

Teachers know absolutely nothing about the world of work

Oh my, my Twitter feed was whizzing like a slot machine. Having a foot in both the teaching and the careers education camps I follow and have followers on both sides of the story, teachers and careers professionals. Teachers went into overdrive...

Vince Cable ensures that the Lib Dems will finish 4th or lower in the lowest turnout election in history in 2015 http://t.co/35O1ILJ0Iy

— Andy Lutwyche (@andylutwyche) March 6, 2014

Teachers are ignorant of real world, warns Cable | crass generalisation (£) http://t.co/doelx7frWH

— Micon Metcalfe (@miconm) March 6, 2014

Teachers bombard Cable with CVs after "world of work" gaffe http://t.co/xEBHslqnAR — Union News UK (@UnionNewsUK) March 6, 2014

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsEven @VicGoddard seemed a little annoyed
http://t.co/krSziOZWxV. Really! Thanks for your constructive input Mr Cable. Happy to swap jobs for a month!

— Vic Goddard (@vicgoddard) March 5, 2014

However, I know he is very supportive of careers work in schools so tweeted him.
@CareersDefender I agree

— Vic Goddard (@vicgoddard) March 5, 2014

There were a number of tweets about education being for education sake and not for employability this one had had over 30 RTs and 16 favourites by 8 am this morning.
School isn't - and shouldn't be - just about preparing people for work. It's much more important than that.

— Paul Bernal (@PaulbernalUK) March 6, 2014

This morning when the dust had settled a slightly softened viewpoint emerged from The Good CPD guide's CEO

What Vince Cable said about teachers - and, more importantly, what he meant http://t.co/MehpIcU1s8 < little bit of balance...
— David Weston (@informed_edu) March 6, 2014

Interestingly though the careers people seemed quiet, very little was said apart from the odd tweet about teachers already having more than enough to do already.

The bottom line is. education for education's sake is an ideal society cannot afford, not in the modern world of big business power, no matter how much we may wish it to be.
Schools as society's method of preparing young people for their place in the world has to accommodate both education for education's sake AND education for employability's sake. It is time to compromise and recognise that in the main, teachers, as caring professionals, don't want the young people in their care to be unemployable after more than 13 years in the education system. It is time for teachers to work in tandem with careers experts for the good of the young people they teach.

Lord Adonis speaking at the Independent Academies Association Conference taking place at the Emirates stadium yesterday was quoted as saying

.@Andrew_Adonis proposes all schools should have Director of Enterprise & Employment on SLT responsible for links to employers and careers.
— Kate Chhatwal (@KateChhatwal) March 5, 2014

Surely this is the way to get both halves of the whole to cooperate?

Teachers wanting support with incorporating careers into their teaching are welcome to email me at info@outstandingcareers.co.uk