The 'leaked' Ofsted Cribsheet for Personal Development

The 'leaked' Ofsted Cribsheet for Personal Development

Monday 10th October 2022

I must stress the cribsheet that has appeared on social media for the Personal Development area of Ofsted Inspections, has NOT been verified, however as it is doing the rounds I feel duty bound to comment on it.

The cribsheet is meant to support non specialist inspectors in inspecting Personal Development and it includes a discrete section on CIEAG (as Ofsted insist on calling CEIAG) , However, some aspects of careers delivery occur elsewhere on the cribsheet, ignore them at your peril. financial literacy and reliability of online information is under PSHE, Equality has its own section ironically enough on the far right of the image. Risk management is under RSHE at the top. Development of Character includes aspiration and Widening Opportunities refers to providing opportunities that pupils would otherwise be denied and trips and visits.

The questions that Ofsted will be looking at in detail are:-

  • Is CIEAG characterised by an ambitious approach of wide possibilities for pupils?
  • Does the attention pay close attention to the Gatsby Benchmarks and fulfil the Baker Clause?
  • Are Pupils in Year 8-13 (NB - printed before update which moved requirement down to year 7 ) given a wide range of unbiased knowledge about the diverse world of work and business?
  • Are there opportunities from a wider variety of career options and knowledge about the skills they seek?
  • Are pupils supported in applications/CVs?
  • Are pupils given unbiased information about choices in other settings at 16-19 as well as colleges and universities?
  • Is work experience meaningful (inc in KS5)? Is the programme enhanced by a range of complimentary other activities?

Remember, this is merely an aide memoire for inspectors and it doesn't cover every single thing that you could be asked about, such as destinations data, nor does it outline how it will ascertain that your school is meeting these requirements.

Finally, it doesn't set out the statutory requirements that the Government have published and are about to update to reflect the new legislation.

If you are concerned about meeting Ofsted requirements, please have a look at my services section on Ofsted readiness. Alternatively, I can deliver training online or face to face for small groups of up to 30 people from Hubs, MATs etc. Or you can access my webinar which is regularly run by {The CDI=https://www.thecdi.net/Skills-training-events] If none are listed, call or drop them an email and they'll inform you of the next available date.