Are Ofsted really starting to get it?

Are Ofsted really starting to get it?

Wednesday 9th May 2018

I've not written about Ofsted and careers learning for a while. In fact I've not written about Ofsted since 2016, mainly because there hasn't been much to write about. However, a couple of things have popped onto my radar in the past few days that have prompted me to put finger to keyboard once more.

A blog on the Ofsted developments in education inspection site

The blog is by Anita Pyrokrtsch-Jones, she is the national lead for careers guidance and youth engagement for Ofsted and she took over from Karen Adrinanse quite some time ago. I must say I've been surprised that I've not seen Anita at any conferences or seen anything written by her. I may of course have missed something, not even I am completely infallible!!!
The blog focuses on an FE inspection. Welcome but of course this may be seen to be cementing in people's minds that Ofsted isn't interested in careers in schools. So, me being me, I tweeted Ofsted and received this reply -

So perhaps, just perhaps, Ofsted are starting to 'get it'

A whisper from an inspector

A little chat with a colleague tells me that during mandatory training for Ofsted inspectors over the past few months, ALL inspectors will have received training in inspecting careers.

Mayhap we might expect some changes in the 2019 revision of the common inspection framework too?