Ofsted - I made a FOI request regarding inspection of CEIAG

Saturday 1st March 2014

I thought some of you may be interested in the fact that I've not yet received a reply to a request for information on the inspection of CEIAG by Ofsted. Having waited a month for a reply, I've decided to submit an official request for information under the Freedom Of Information Act - the text of which follows.

For the attention of Karen Adriaanse

As I have not received a reply to my request made on 5th February regarding the inspection and reporting of CEIAG in schools. I'd like you to treat this as a formal request for information under the freedom of information act

Following the Careers England/Westminster Briefing event in 2013 Karen Adriaanse stated that HMIs were at that point, receiving training in inspection of CEIAG. In order to be able to support schools preparing for inspections, I'd like to know the answers to the following questions.

  • How many HMI have already been trained to inspect careers education, information and guidance?
  • What % of HMIs have received this training so far?
  • What is Ofsted's target (% or number) of CEIAG trained to inspect HMIs
  • Is there a requirement for an HMI to inspect CEIAG in every secondary school/6th form centre that is inspected? If the answer to that is no, what targets are in place to ensure good CEIAG provision in secondary schools & 6th form centres?
  • What criteria are the inspectors looking for in order to make assessment?
  • What guidelines have been given to HMI's regarding reporting on CEIAG in schools?

I look forward to receiving your acknowledgement and reply in due course.

I'll keep you updated when I receive a response.