Employer Engagement

Nicky Morgan & The Lentil Curry

Tuesday 30th September 2014

This afternoon I settled down to listen to Nicky Morgan's address of the Conservative Party Conference, my iPad beside me and my lunch of lentil curry to be consumed inbetween tweets. Getting comfy I tweeted


@CareersDefender@NickyMorgan01 let's hope the lentil curry is the only thing producing hot air, then....

— Ghislaine Dell (@GhislaineDell) September 30, 2014

Sadly, Ghislaine's wish didn't come true. It started well, with Ms Morgan stating boldly with the statement that careers is essential and that work experience should be valued. She then commented on how wonderful the presentation from Heartlands Academy had been. Yes it was. The two young people that spoke were amazing, just as good, as any pupil, from any school, that had been lucky enough to receive a well planned and delivered CEIAG programme.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting down the achievements of Heartlands Academy, I've not had any contact with them previously. All I'm saying is that there isn't a level playing field. Young people in schools like Heartlands Academy, where there would appear to be SLT support for a comprehensive CEIAG programme will always have a head start on the young people from schools that don't have that SLT support in place.

Ms Morgan contintued and in between extolling the virtues of the teaching and support staff working so hard in our schools; the need for more rounded more employable young people; the much feted £5m for "character, resiliance & grit" and the need for the challange of not sterotyping jobs so that girls don't want to go into STEM related industries, there was nothing more... No money, no plans to improve careers learning, not even a mention of the NCC report. So sadly most schools will continue not to put too much emphasis on careers. They'll possibly do a bit more employer engagement, but will that comply with the Ofsted need for a clear framework for careers in schools?

Where was the much hinted at concentration on careers education, guidance or learning? It wasn't there. All there was was more of the same. Engage employers, embrace support from the community... Do they not realise that all of that activity generates huge amounts of administration and planning? How was it that she started her speech? Oh yes, "I don't want pupils taught by teachers who are too tired to teach"