Employer Engagement

6 new & essential sources of information for school careers & enterprise people

Friday 19th September 2014

I'm happy to be able to report a series of sources of information which are essential updates for all careers people in schools. Whilst I'm aware than hundreds of you subscribe to my Careers Ed for All Weekly update, some of you may not yet have heard of it.. So I thought these really important developments needed a blog post of there own. This also gives me the chance to remind you that you can sign up for my weekly CEFAW update by clicking on this link and submitting your email address in the box on the right.

Employer Engagement Toolkit

Yesterday at the strengthening careers in schools regional conference in York, we were lucky enough to see, hot off the presses, copies of the new Employer Engagement Toolkit written by Kath Wright of Kath Wright Consultant Ltd. It is an amazingly helpful publication, not only giving essential background information on the reasons behind employer engagement in schools but also some very useful planning and organisational tools. Ideal for dipping into on a regular basis.

School Governors Focus on Careers

The National Governors Assoc has published a new governors briefing note on careers in schools, make sure your governors have seen it.

Guide to Best Practice and Commissioning Careers Guidance Services,

This useful booklet,written by the inimitable David Andrews and published by the CDI - July 2014 may have been overlooked during the summer holidays - make sure you find your copy, or download it from the CDI website here

The Career Development Institute Annual Conference

This year held in Glasgow, in November will feature a number of workshops relevant for schools (including one by yours truly) and also hosts the UK Career Development Award for Career Educator of the year along with the other UKCDA s

Community of Interest Careers Education (within the CDI)

Finally, a number of the school careers educators within the CDI have joined together to form a fledgling community of interest within the CDI to support the needs of school & 6th form based careers people. You will find us on LinkedIn as a sub group of The CDI.