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Online Presence & young people's employability prospects

Friday 14th February 2014

Taking #TMHavering forward

I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at #TMHavering last Tuesday. (Video feed of the night available here) I must say it was the friendliest and most fun-filled Teachmeet I've ever been to. Well done the organisers @aknill & @iteachRE. I think special thanks need to be passed on to @IteachRE as apparently he's getting married on Saturday and had code-named the evening '#TMStag

The passion everyone showed for their subjects was amazing, for me, freshly out of the classroom, I'm limited in the way I can take forward what I learned that evening. However, one thing jumped out at me and slapped me around the head. Hearing @Penny_Patterson speaking about Internet Safety Day 2014, pushed something up from my "must do someday" list to my "must do ASAP" list.

Online Presence for KS3/4

I'd had a vague idea for a lesson about online presence and how it affects young people's employability and life chances. I've had this idea since Paris Brown resigned her role as Youth Police Commissioner in Kent following the publication of her foul mouthed Twitter feed back in April 2013. Yep, typical teacher's to do list.

I came home and started to google what is available, most of what I found was aimed at university students and college leavers. I couldn't find anything for the 11-16 age group at all.
So, my mind has started whirring and I'm amassing sources and activities and will spending the weekend with a glass of wine in one hand and a mouse in the other crafting a stand alone lesson for KS3/4.

Hand on heart, a fully fledged lesson using blended teaching methods will be on its way within the next fortnight. That is my promise. I'll publish it on my website for anyone to use.

Oh yes, and @ICTmagic. I love http://www.recitethis.com