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A short Headteacher guide to The Enterprise Adviser Network of The CEC

Tuesday 22nd March 2016

In the White Paper on education released by Nicky Morgan last week, there is a clear indication that The Careers & Enterprise Company and their network of Enterprise Advisers will be receiving more funding. In Chapter 6: High expectations and a world-leading curriculum for all it states:-

We will publish a strategy for improved careers provision for young people and further support The Careers & Enterprise Company

6.31. Finally, it is essential that all young people leave education ready for the world of work. In 2015 The Careers & Enterprise Company was launched, strengthening links between employers, schools and colleges, and careers and enterprise organisations to inform and inspire young people about the opportunities offered by the world of work. It has already launched a nationwide Enterprise Adviser Network, a £5 million careers and enterprise fund and published a toolkit based on evidence of what works.
6.32. Later this year, we will publish a strategy for improved careers provision for young people, setting the direction for work to transform the quality of the careers education, advice and guidance offered to young people, including further funding for The Careers & Enterprise Company to continue the excellent work it has started.

So I thought it was about time I had a look at what the CEC has in store for us. I make no comment on efficacy or suitability - This is purely a briefing.

The Enterprise Coordinator Network

There are to be a team of 60 Enterprise coordinators, paid full time employees of Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) who will manage a team of up to 20 enterprise advisers. These are volunteer positions who will undertake training and be allocated/choose a school. Their job is to liaise with the headteacher to show them the variety and availability of employer engagement activity in their locality. There is in place a form of local governance

How do I know this volunteer adviser knows what they are doing?
The enterprise adviser will be DBS checked and received training and
support from the employed Enterprise Coordinators. You can see this from the start up plan below.

The Enterprise Adviser activity model from the CEC Toolkit
The Enterprise Adviser activity model from the CEC Toolkit

What does this mean for my school?

Whilst skirting around LEP and Enterprise adviser coordinator which are precursors to an enterprise adviser actually being in a school may not be ideal in many eyes. I think headteachers probably want to cut to the chase - What will it mean for my school? will probably be the first question on their lips.

Well the short answer is they will want to see you, the headteacher and your governor(s), and discuss what your school wants, needs or desires from the CEC, You may of course decide to delegate this job to your SLT in charge of CEIAG or your middle manager. The adviser will then take you/your staff through a planning process and share a 'menu' of what is available to you.

Do I have to take part?

For some schools this may be an unwelcome activity, for others they may be waiting eagerly in the wings waiting for the call. I presume, that takeup is voluntary. The indication implicit in the toolkit is that LEPs will be instrumental in encouraging schools to engage with the offer.

Tracking and monitoring

One of the positive aspects of being involved in CEC Enterprise Adviser network activity is improved tracking and monitoring Which will in turn probably feed into your destination data; Pye Tait have been engaged to collect and manage data - this diagram shows the intended process and is from the Enterprise Advisers Toolkit which is available from The CEC website

From the CEC Enterprise Adviser Network Toolkit
From the CEC Enterprise Adviser Network Toolkit
Other things the CEC are involved in:-
The £5m Careers Development Fund
Announced today, 22nd March 2016, on their website that 33 projects have been granted funding. I'm not sure how it gets to £9.5m but I'm sure they'll explain shortly

The Careers & Enterprise Company announces winners of major new government-backed investment fund • Fund will boost careers and enterprise provision for nearly 250,000 young people across England • 33 projects from across the country awarded funding, unlocking over £9.5 million • 75% of funding directed to 'Cold Spot' areas most in need of additional careers and enterprise provision (from The CEC Website)

Mentors and Young People

£12m has been earmarked for a mentoring scheme over the life of this Parliament The Careers & Enterprise Company, will use high-flying professionals to offer support to 25,000 teenagers a year who are at risk of under-achieving or dropping out of education.

Gatsby School Self Evaluation Tool

Due to be released in April the tool will allow schools to benchmark themselves against the national average CEIAG provision - more details to follow

Sources of information

The Careers & Enterprise Company Website

Parliament TV - Claudia Harris giving evidence to the Sub Committee for Education, Skills & Employment 21/3/2016 http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/74302ea0-cc36-4e1c-83f3-e015b0f06096