CEIAG for Headteachers, Governors and SLT

Debunking the myth that careers is not a teacher's job

Thursday 3rd September 2015

Today's announcement of the implementation of 'New practical maths lessons to prepare teens for world of work' aka Core Maths for post 16; underlines more clearly the current direction of careers learning in schools.

As with all forms of teaching, pedagogy changes, in the last 3-4 years the delivery and organisation of careers information advice and guidance (CEIAG) has changed beyond all recognition. Prompted by the Government's decision to remove the responsibility for CEIAG from Connexions and placed firmly in the hands of schools.

Developing new methodologies has been imperitive in the climate of shrinking budgets and lack of experienced careers staff in schools...

  • Lack of money has consigned the "You get a careers interview if you need it or not" to distant memory - careers interviews are now more targeted and may now include group work with small groups of pupils
  • The only way to ensure that careers learning is delivered in the crowded curriculum is to embed it across the curriculum with all teachers and departments having an input of some description.
  • Careers learning now needs to be targeted and evaluated (Ofsted CIF)
  • Government push to involve employers needs to be managed & quality assured
  • The overview of mapping, evaluating and managing careers learning across the curriculm can no longer be done by a single teacher with a couple of free lessons a week. It's a much more 'professional' role and needs proper training and understanding of careers pedagogy

So what does 21st Century careers learning look like?