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University drop out rate increasing

The headlines in today’s Times shouts ‘More students dropping out of degrees” Today’s Schools Improvement News leads with a quote from Sir Les Ebdon the director of fair access to HE  “I am disappointed to see that the trend of improvement has not continued.” I’m not sure what improvement he’s referring to, quality of teaching, […]

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Mentors and £70m – Will this fix careers education? Part 2

Yesterday  I looked at the role of mentors in careers education following the announcement from David Cameron that the CEC company would be overseeing a programme of mentoring for potential NEETs Today, I look towards the second area that I feel this announcement pushes into the spotlight How this £70m will affect the efficacy of […]

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Vital updates for careers folk, Headteachers & Governors

It’s typical isn’t it?  Whilst you’re away the world goes mad with news that is pertinent to your work.  Updates galore and new publications. Well, that’s what happened to me over the past couple of weeks.  New statutory guidance, Labour guaranteeing face to face guidance and manifestos aplenty.  So I thought I’d do a quick […]

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Adding a CE to IAG

Just a mercifully short blog to open a discussion about the acronym for careers work in schools. I’ve always been an advocate of CEIAG – Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance as I believe that all of those elements are vital to ensuring pupils make progress  in  developing career management skills in our young people. […]

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