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Statutory Guidance for careers – Who will be your careers leader. (The shoulds)

In my last post I covered the musts of the statutory guidance.  They’re aren’t many of them and to be honest, if you only complied with the musts, then your school will be doing a pretty poor job. However, the guidance places a pretty clear expectation of compliance with the ‘shoulds’ in para 11 & […]

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The new Careers Strategy Dec 2017

Yesterday at the CDI Conference in Birmingham, Anne Milton MP announced the long awaited Careers Strategy to a packed hall of careers advisers, teachers and other interested parties. This post attempts to succinctly point to key points  of the Careers Strategy that directly affect the provision within a school.  There are plenty of other things […]

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For Every School a Careers Leader – Why?

Back in March 2015 I posted a blog called For Every School A Careers Leader – it set out the rationale behind the TeachFirst Careers Leader training programme which was being trialled at the time.  Having run  a few cycles of careers leader training, TeachFirst have called on the Government to meet the following needs which […]

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Donald Trump demonstrates why we need career professionals & a professional association

I’ve been in ‘careers’ for about 20 cough cough years. Long enough to remember the ‘bad old days’ before we had employer engagement on the scale we do now.  We do seem to have moved from one extreme where almost all school career advice came from professional careers advisers, to the opposite, where many students get […]

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