The Baker Clause – Raising awareness of technical education

What is the Baker Clause?

The Baker Clause is an amendment to the Technical and Further Education Act which requires schools to proactively provide access to it’s pupils by alternative providers of technical & post 14, 16 & 18 education.

It requires ALL schools from 2nd January 2018 to :-

2. Ensure that ALL pupils have access to hear what the following providers offer

  • At 14: studio schools, university technical colleges, further education colleges, in relation to any opportunities for 14-year-old enrolment
  • At 16: apprenticeship providers, further education colleges, sixth form colleges, work-based training providers
  • At 18: apprenticeship providers, higher education providers

 2. Publish a policy on their school website outlining clearly

  • What providers need to do to request access
  • The rules for granting and refusing access
  • What providers can expect once granted access

The policy should be approved by Governors and it would be updated regularly.  The example policy also outlines the activities that are in place within the curriculum where providers would be welcomed e.g. interview days, assemblies, option days etc.   Though this is not expected to be a prescriptive list.

The link to download an example policy can be found on the Gov. website here 

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