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Using my Pinterest boards to find resources to save time & money

Using my Pinterest boards to find resources to save time & money

Wednesday 18th March 2015

This article has been updated to include new boards which I've added since I originally wrote this post.

to My Pinterest boards are one of the most popular sections of my website. They provide links to resources, films, activities and websites which provide support for school CEIAG. (Usual disclaimer here, inclusion doesn't equal endorsement).

This list of boards has been growing for a while and pins are added on a weekly if not daily basis, so I thought I'd start a bit of a tidy up and explanation of the different sections. Most are self explanatory, so I've just listed the name, others need a little bit of explanation.

I should put on record I don't get advertising revenue from these boards, nor do I charge for inclusion. I just want young people to get the best grounding in career managment skills possible. So saving hard pressed careers advisers and teachers time and money is top of my agenda. Obviously, if you like what I do, remember I'm available for speaking engagments, writing and consulting at very reasonable rates. Have a look at my testimonials page to see what people say about me.

Ambassadors - Links to organisations that have ambassadors to come into lessons to talk about various pathways.

Apprenticeships - Apprenticeships & school leaver programmes

Career Learning Blogs & Publications - You'll find links to fellow bloggers. online & print magazines for both teachers and pupils.

Useful Websites for Careers advisers and teachers - Everything else that doesn't fit into other boards. For example professional organisations such as The CDI. Research organisations and LMI for all project which is working to provide useable local labour market information (LMI) to inform careers work throughout the country.

Classroom Resources for Careers and Work Related Learning - lesson plans, websites, infographics, videos... anything you can use for planning great lesson content. You'll find a lot of business sponsored resource packs here from MacDonalds, RBS, Barclays etc as well as specialist websites such as Careersbox, Success at School and Not Going To Uni

Events and Activities of interest to Careers Advisers & Teachers - People and organisations that provide activities in school from the very well-known such as Speakers for schools to the less well-known such as skills for care. You'll also find useful guides for in-house activities such as career days.

Infographics & Videos about interview process

Infographics & activities for social media - General social media support which leads into the content of the Online reputation & recruitment board.

Infographics & Videos for CVs and Applications - From how to make the best use of a career fair to general CV advice.

KS1 Resources Ideas for the youngest ones in our education system.

KS2 Resources - Or perhaps some may be suitable for SEND pupils in KS3 (I'd love to see the Newham Children's University replicated throughout the country.)

Occupational Careers Websites - Links to professional organisations such as the Society of Chiropodist & Podiatrists, The Hospitality Guild etc. Also includes various non-profit and community interest sites that promote areas of employment such as Book Careers.

Online reputation & Recruitment - Recruitment technology and the rise of the social CV

Option Choices - Great infographic about the cost of dropping out of uni (US but good all the same) along with school option choice videos and information on making decisions at 14/18/post uni

NEETS - Specialist support for NEET pupils

Resources for Careers Advisors & Teachers - Anything that doesn't fit elsewhere or has a wide-ranging information base such as the excellent CEGNET and The Employable career directory of how to become articles

Presentations for Careers Consultants, Advisors & Teachers - Presentations shared on the Internet that I think are of benefit to careers people.

Resources for parents - Need I explain?

SEND Careers - Careers resources specifically developed for SEND pupils

Supporting Subject Teachers - Each pin is prefaced with the subject area to make them easier to find. Get some more CEIAG into the curriculum by supporting friendly subject areas to include careers topics within their lessons.

STEM & Cross Curricular Career Resources - Mainly STEM but also some wide-ranging resources such as National Careers Week

Uni Application, inc widening participation & Studying abroad - Open days, clearing, UCAS, scholarship opportunities, uni stats and comparison tools etc.

University School & College Contacts - Many teachers find it hard to get in contact with their local uni teams who are keen to support schools with career related content. Where I've been able to find the direct link I've included it in the relevant (please feel free to correct my geographical knowledge of the UK) board. If you find a link is out of date, please just send me an email letting me know, even if it's just the name of the board and the uni - I'll do my best to update it. University folk, please feel free to update me.

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  • Wales

Young Entrepreneurs - Resources to support those keen to start their own businesses

Youth Employability & Skills - General, 'what employers want' input as well as resources to develop employability skills

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