The CDI Certificate in Careers Leadership -A cost effective way to get a school careers champion

I’m aiming to make this post short & snappy – Headteachers are busy people – I want you to understand why the CDI Certificate in Careers Leadership is so important

The CDI maintains the list of registered careers professionals.

  1. You need a school careers champion – research shows that schools with SLT/MLT leadership of careers perform far better than those without.
  2. You probably don’t have somebody on staff that has the knowledge to do this vital job.
  3. You probably DO have somebody on staff that would be willing or even keen to undertake The CDI certificate in Careers Leadership

Oh but money is tight…

Each unit costs just £305 per unit plus VAT, there are 3 units so for just over £1000 you get yourself a very well qualified careers leader.  One who will be able to manage and ensure value for money from all aspects of provision.

You don’t need to commit to all 3 units at once.


Full details can be found on The CDI website


CDI Level 6 Certificate in Career Leadership

Booking is now open for cohorts starting in October 2017 and January 2018. This certificate is ideal if you are a new Careers Leader / Co-ordinator wanting to learn more about planning and designing career related learning programmes; leading and managing career development work in an organisation and continuously improving career development work in an organisation. For more experienced practitioners this qualification can further enhance your skills and knowledge and provide accreditation.  Further details including costs and the dates of the three compulsory training days can be found at: where you can also find the brochure. Booking is via the CDI website.

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