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An update on Careers Guidance in Ofsted Inspections Nov 2015

At the recent Careers England Careers Summit, there was a fantastic array of speakers.  Amongst the speakers was Karen Adriaanse, the lead inspector for careers guidance & skills at Ofsted.  I managed to ask Karen a question about the new short inspections. … under the new Common Inspection Framework there seems to be a persistent […]

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They way we want (need) careers education to be. A roundup of current reports & thinking

In the first 2 blogs in this series, I’ve looked at what we mean by careers education in 2014 and what careers education currently is in schools in the UK.  This, the final part of my 3 part blog, looks at where the careers in schools wagon train is going. Hence a roundup of current […]

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Ofsted HMI says – don’t wait to improve your careers IAG.

Following today’s article in the Guardian regarding the possiblility of schools having to wait anything up to a further 6 months for the revised statutory guidance on Careers Education, Information & Guidance (CEIAG) in schools, I’ve brought forward my planned blog about what Ofsted is looking for in regards to school’s provision of CEIAG. Yesterday […]

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