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The changing face of school careers – some schools will be dragged kicking & screaming

Being so involved in the school careers education, I’m very aware that there is some excellent careers learning going on in schools today.  I also know that in the majority of schools careers ed is seen as a bolt on, that consists of  totally unconnected one off interviews and/or events.  The government is clearly not […]

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What small thing can you do to preserve social mobility in schools?

  Today I gave a presentation, Social Mobility needs Careers Learning,  to the Labour Teachers Teachmeet on the fringes of the party conference in Brighton.  My topic was “The Government’s attack on careers advice and guidance to 11-19 year old will lead to a more divisive society and lack of social mobility. We need to […]

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Ofsted says ‘Get more employers in school’ Schools say How?

  One of the most effective ways of starting to get local employers involved in your school is to put on a professional interview day.  This is a day when one of your year groups in KS4 or 5 get dressed up and attend an interview with a business person in the school hall.  Used […]

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