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HE Funding and social mobility – The role of LMI

I’ve been reading huge amounts about Mrs May’s review of HE  funding and to be honest, I’m fuming.  Putting my political affiliations to one side, I’m trying to look at things objectively.  However, I feel powerless to resist speaking up for “poorer students” “working class students” “the disadvantaged” call this sector of society, MY sector […]

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Turning Problems into Solutions – Statutory Duty for Careers 2014 Pt 1

Following my synopsis of the statutory duty, I had a conversation with the amazing @StephenLogan where we discussed the practical application of the duty.  I’m pretty sure that many senior leaders are puzzling over some of the following questions that we came up with.  This blog is a direct result of both of our experiences […]

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Let’s ditch Gove or we’ll have a nation of bankers, scientists and accountants.

This article from the Guardian this week has had a lot of publicity in my Twitter feed,    Let’s Ditch careers advisers, or we’ll have a nation of fish farmers  I’d wanted to comment on it but by the time I got around the comments were closed.  Hence my post here. Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, sets out […]

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Free flipped classroom careers lesson – Youth Unemployment, LMI & Skills

For those of you who have not come across the term flipped classroom before, A fairly reliable explanation can be found here  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flip_teaching In short, it means giving pupils the ‘instructional’ part of the lesson to do at home in the form of video, podcast or powerpoint with narration, or some other method that I’ve […]

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