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I Proudly State I’m an Enemy of Promise – As Gove Sees It.

“the new Enemies of Promise are a set of politically motivated individuals who have been actively trying to prevent millions of our poorest children getting the education they need” Michael Gove 2013. It would appear to me that Gove’s measure of success is gaining a nice little clutch of GCSE’s, then A Levels, all suitably […]

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The changing face of school careers – some schools will be dragged kicking & screaming

Being so involved in the school careers education, I’m very aware that there is some excellent careers learning going on in schools today.  I also know that in the majority of schools careers ed is seen as a bolt on, that consists of  totally unconnected one off interviews and/or events.  The government is clearly not […]

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Why Headteachers shouldn’t see the EEF Pupil Premium Toolkit as an excuse to ignore CEIAG

A few weeks ago I went to a Teacher Development Trust Good CPD Guide Conference.  As part of that conference I was introduced to the Education Endowment Foundation’s Pupil Premium Toolkit.  http://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/toolkit/approaches/  It lists various forms of ‘intervention’ in terms of effectiveness and value for money.  Thus it is is heralded as ‘must have tool’ […]

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The purpose of education – To build confidence & ambition, & to aid social mobility

This blog was prompted by three things, a blog by @MsFindlater called Building Cathedrals  a blog by @Isobel_CGC  called Why are schools so poor at communicating with careers guidance providers and the call by Blogsync for people to blog on The purpose of education. Most of you who have read other blogs by me will […]

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The case for careers learning as a method of improving the progress of pupil premium learners

Ofsted have recently issued a whole raft of new accountability measures for which schools will be held accountable.  One of those measures has a direct link to careers learning:- } “From September 2013, Ofsted will introduce a sharper focus to the performance and progress of Pupil Premium pupils in their inspections. It is unlikely that […]

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The Case for Destination Data Being a Measure for Judging School Performance

  “Peter Tait, the head of Sherborne Preparatory School, Dorset, said that large numbers of children left the primary years as “well-rounded” individuals with an ability to think for themselves. But he claimed that too many pupils were having their independence sapped as teenagers after moving on to senior schools that prioritise “teaching to the […]

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