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Vital updates for careers folk, Headteachers & Governors

It’s typical isn’t it?  Whilst you’re away the world goes mad with news that is pertinent to your work.  Updates galore and new publications. Well, that’s what happened to me over the past couple of weeks.  New statutory guidance, Labour guaranteeing face to face guidance and manifestos aplenty.  So I thought I’d do a quick […]

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What does a careers adviser do all day?

Following on from the posts last week  In Defence of Careers Advisers & Does it have to be education vs CEIAG?.  One of my contacts Lizzie Taylor, Find her on Twitter as @LizzieTaylor20,   has written an excellent piece on the roles and duties of a school careers adviser.  It is published on the Careers […]

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Schools unable to meet need for careers information & guidance

Careers Education in schools out of date & not supportive of vocational pathways Two articles in the past couple of days have prompted me to put fingers to keys.   TES’ news on out of date careers info & The Edge Foundation’s ‘Too clever for vocational education’ Whilst this is not news to many careers […]

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Let’s ditch Gove or we’ll have a nation of bankers, scientists and accountants.

This article from the Guardian this week has had a lot of publicity in my Twitter feed,    Let’s Ditch careers advisers, or we’ll have a nation of fish farmers  I’d wanted to comment on it but by the time I got around the comments were closed.  Hence my post here. Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, sets out […]

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