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Some thoughts on Halfon’s strategy for careers

We need to improve the prestige of careers advice and we will publish a comprehensive careers strategy for all ages later this year — Robert Halfon (@halfon4harlowMP) January 30, 2017 For once, I totally agree with the statement of a minister… I just wonder how Robert Halfon’s  interpretation and mine will differ when planning the […]

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Vital updates for careers folk, Headteachers & Governors

It’s typical isn’t it?  Whilst you’re away the world goes mad with news that is pertinent to your work.  Updates galore and new publications. Well, that’s what happened to me over the past couple of weeks.  New statutory guidance, Labour guaranteeing face to face guidance and manifestos aplenty.  So I thought I’d do a quick […]

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A Quick Guide To The DFE 6th form & College Careers Guidance Document Aug 2014

Today I woke up to a full Twitter feed asking me for comments on today’s newly released publication Careers Guidance & Inspiration Guidance for general FE & 6th form colleges.  I’ve had a first flick through and my first thoughts are in purple.  I should point out that these are my personal views and don’t […]

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They way we want (need) careers education to be. A roundup of current reports & thinking

In the first 2 blogs in this series, I’ve looked at what we mean by careers education in 2014 and what careers education currently is in schools in the UK.  This, the final part of my 3 part blog, looks at where the careers in schools wagon train is going. Hence a roundup of current […]

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Employer Engagement – Employers are from Mars, schools are from Venus

Yesterday I attended a meeting/workshop which was a gathering of representatives of careers guidance stakeholders.   There was a vast cross-section of people. Corporate HR/talent management,  companies that provide services for the needs of schools, head teacher’s associations and those with the ears of the government.  I’m sure I missed some sections out simply because I […]

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Turning Questions into Solutions – Statutory Duty for Careers 2014 Part 2

Following on from my post last week which dealt with  capacity, costs  & roles,  and  support networks.  This week’s blog deals with even more educative viewpoints. Thanks again to Stephen Logan for his input Training/Quality Assurance/Monitoring and reporting What training is available for business to provide careers guidance & how do we ensure quality of […]

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Turning Problems into Solutions – Statutory Duty for Careers 2014 Pt 1

Following my synopsis of the statutory duty, I had a conversation with the amazing @StephenLogan where we discussed the practical application of the duty.  I’m pretty sure that many senior leaders are puzzling over some of the following questions that we came up with.  This blog is a direct result of both of our experiences […]

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