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They way we want (need) careers education to be. A roundup of current reports & thinking

In the first 2 blogs in this series, I’ve looked at what we mean by careers education in 2014 and what careers education currently is in schools in the UK.  This, the final part of my 3 part blog, looks at where the careers in schools wagon train is going. Hence a roundup of current […]

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Inspiration: the ‘I’s have it

This blog is a guest blog from Johnny Rich of Push, one of the many organisations that deliver activities that can contribute to the delivery of a solid framework for careers as stipulated in the new statutory duty. He gives an insight into the new statutory duty from the other side of the fence.  Those […]

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DFE Report on Strategies to raise Aspirations in Pupil Premium students.

The DFE last month published a report School and College-level Strategies to Raise Aspirations of High-achieving Disadvantaged Pupils to Pursue Higher Education Investigation. The report is the clearest indicator yet that the DFE are realising the effect of placing the onus of providing CEIAG with schools and reitterates the central core of a good CEIAG […]

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I Proudly State I’m an Enemy of Promise – As Gove Sees It.

“the new Enemies of Promise are a set of politically motivated individuals who have been actively trying to prevent millions of our poorest children getting the education they need” Michael Gove 2013. It would appear to me that Gove’s measure of success is gaining a nice little clutch of GCSE’s, then A Levels, all suitably […]

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