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Parental influence survey by YouGov

Saturday 23rd May 2015

Thanks to Careers England who flagged up this current survey for parents of KS3/4/5 pupils. It seeks to find out what support parents want in order to be able to support their children in career decisions and also what support they expect from schools, the government etc. Are the government actually planning to do something with that £20m career company?

I'd suggest all schools urge parents to fill the survey in. It doesn't take anywhere near the 10 minutes it says it should take and might actually lead to resources that address a real need.

Parental influence survey

GTI Media has commissioned YouGov to host a survey to examine how, when and how far parents influence their children's choice of university, degree course, career and employer. If influence is being exerted, the project will also explore why, to what end and to whose benefit. Please share this link with parents: https://start.yougov.com/refer/vdxNB92D84BKck. At the end of the survey there is an option to leave an email address to receive a report on the topic.

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