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Making a case for support for CEIAG, Careers, Aspirations, Future Planning.

Making a case for support for CEIAG, Careers, Aspirations, Future Planning.

Tuesday 10th October 2017

As I've said before on many occasions, getting support from SLT for Careers Learning is a tough job in the main.A conversation I had last week brought up the question - would schools respond better to terms such as aspirations or future planning? This ties in nicely to a piece of research that came out a few days ago so I thought it might be worthwhile sharing with you all...

It doesn't matter if you call it aspirations as long as it gets done.

I was speaking at What Career Live last Friday and bumped into an ex colleague who is now working for an organisation that supports CEIAG in schools. We stopped, had a chat and a catch up but something she said to me stuck in my mind. Roughly paraphrased it was

If we go into a school talking about CEIAG or Careers, we can barely get through the front door - talk about aspirations and future planning or destinations and you get a much warmer reception.

So do we, the careers community need to change our vocabulary?

Proving the need for more resources or support

A very useful piece of work has been published by the Education Employers Taskforce, I shared it in yesterday's Careers Ed for All Weekly. The work is unfinished and is provided in the hope that people will give feedback. However, it's really useful as a tool to place data in front of SLT to show the need for more 'Future planning' see what I did there???

There is an element of effort in the methodology. Ensuring that pupils fill in the questionnaire and then your interpreting the results but the resulting data can be a strong basis for a case for further CEIAG activity and resources. It might be worthwhile running a trail with a focus group, say one helpful tutor.

Full details of the EEF resource can be found here