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What will the snap General Election mean for careers?

WARNING AN UNCHARACTERISTICALLY POLITICAL POST PROMPTED BY THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE GENERAL ELECTION Today we’ve all been shocked by the announcement of a General Election on 8th June.  Being careers focussed my first thought was there goes the new statutory duty… What about the statutory duty? The last new version of the statutory duty for careers […]

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Some thoughts on Halfon’s strategy for careers

We need to improve the prestige of careers advice and we will publish a comprehensive careers strategy for all ages later this year — Robert Halfon (@halfon4harlowMP) January 30, 2017 For once, I totally agree with the statement of a minister… I just wonder how Robert Halfon’s  interpretation and mine will differ when planning the […]

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Not the statutory guidance but a signpost

OK so now my blog posts are like busses, wait for ages for one and two come along at once.  I can’t take any credit at all, but on the same day I post bemoaning the lack of new statutory guidance, the Government have published its reply to the sub committee for Education, Employment & […]

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BIS & Education Sub Committee report into CEIAG – A schools’ perspective

At a minute past midnight, sad creature that I am, I sat bleary eyed at my computer reading the long awaited report into CEIAG from the BIS & Education Committees sub committee.  There is a real mix of stuff in there, some of it good, some of it not so good, some of it likely […]

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Vital updates for careers folk, Headteachers & Governors

It’s typical isn’t it?  Whilst you’re away the world goes mad with news that is pertinent to your work.  Updates galore and new publications. Well, that’s what happened to me over the past couple of weeks.  New statutory guidance, Labour guaranteeing face to face guidance and manifestos aplenty.  So I thought I’d do a quick […]

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A Quick Guide To The DFE 6th form & College Careers Guidance Document Aug 2014

Today I woke up to a full Twitter feed asking me for comments on today’s newly released publication Careers Guidance & Inspiration Guidance for general FE & 6th form colleges.  I’ve had a first flick through and my first thoughts are in purple.  I should point out that these are my personal views and don’t […]

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