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An update on Careers Guidance in Ofsted Inspections Nov 2015

At the recent Careers England Careers Summit, there was a fantastic array of speakers.  Amongst the speakers was Karen Adriaanse, the lead inspector for careers guidance & skills at Ofsted.  I managed to ask Karen a question about the new short inspections. … under the new Common Inspection Framework there seems to be a persistent […]

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Schools unable to meet need for careers information & guidance

Careers Education in schools out of date & not supportive of vocational pathways Two articles in the past couple of days have prompted me to put fingers to keys.   TES’ news on out of date careers info & The Edge Foundation’s ‘Too clever for vocational education’ Whilst this is not news to many careers […]

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I Proudly State I’m an Enemy of Promise – As Gove Sees It.

“the new Enemies of Promise are a set of politically motivated individuals who have been actively trying to prevent millions of our poorest children getting the education they need” Michael Gove 2013. It would appear to me that Gove’s measure of success is gaining a nice little clutch of GCSE’s, then A Levels, all suitably […]

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A short guide to the new 16+ work experience for SLT

Today the government has issued new guidance for work experience (WEX) in the 16+ curriculum.  Full guidance can be found here. A quick bullet point tour follows:- The advice is non statutory but brings together advice from EFA, Ofsted & HSE Applies to all post 16 providers, academic or vocational  inc those offering supported internships […]

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The purpose of education – To build confidence & ambition, & to aid social mobility

This blog was prompted by three things, a blog by @MsFindlater called Building Cathedrals  a blog by @Isobel_CGC  called Why are schools so poor at communicating with careers guidance providers and the call by Blogsync for people to blog on The purpose of education. Most of you who have read other blogs by me will […]

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What small thing can you do to preserve social mobility in schools?

  Today I gave a presentation, Social Mobility needs Careers Learning,  to the Labour Teachers Teachmeet on the fringes of the party conference in Brighton.  My topic was “The Government’s attack on careers advice and guidance to 11-19 year old will lead to a more divisive society and lack of social mobility. We need to […]

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Ofsted says ‘Get more employers in school’ Schools say How?

  One of the most effective ways of starting to get local employers involved in your school is to put on a professional interview day.  This is a day when one of your year groups in KS4 or 5 get dressed up and attend an interview with a business person in the school hall.  Used […]

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The case for careers learning as a method of improving the progress of pupil premium learners

Ofsted have recently issued a whole raft of new accountability measures for which schools will be held accountable.  One of those measures has a direct link to careers learning:- } “From September 2013, Ofsted will introduce a sharper focus to the performance and progress of Pupil Premium pupils in their inspections. It is unlikely that […]

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