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Not the statutory guidance but a signpost

OK so now my blog posts are like busses, wait for ages for one and two come along at once.  I can’t take any credit at all, but on the same day I post bemoaning the lack of new statutory guidance, the Government have published its reply to the sub committee for Education, Employment & […]

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Ofsted aren’t interested in careers learning – September 2015 update

Back in April 2014  Leading Learner aka Stephen Tierney did the me singular honour of allowing me to be the first guest blog on his site.  Today I’d like to follow on from my comments in that blog, updated by the new Ofsted Common Inspection Framework & updated Schools Inspection Handbook in use from Sept […]

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DFE Report on Strategies to raise Aspirations in Pupil Premium students.

The DFE last month published a report School and College-level Strategies to Raise Aspirations of High-achieving Disadvantaged Pupils to Pursue Higher Education Investigation. The report is the clearest indicator yet that the DFE are realising the effect of placing the onus of providing CEIAG with schools and reitterates the central core of a good CEIAG […]

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The changing face of school careers – some schools will be dragged kicking & screaming

Being so involved in the school careers education, I’m very aware that there is some excellent careers learning going on in schools today.  I also know that in the majority of schools careers ed is seen as a bolt on, that consists of  totally unconnected one off interviews and/or events.  The government is clearly not […]

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The purpose of education – To build confidence & ambition, & to aid social mobility

This blog was prompted by three things, a blog by @MsFindlater called Building Cathedrals  a blog by @Isobel_CGC  called Why are schools so poor at communicating with careers guidance providers and the call by Blogsync for people to blog on The purpose of education. Most of you who have read other blogs by me will […]

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The case for careers learning as a method of improving the progress of pupil premium learners

Ofsted have recently issued a whole raft of new accountability measures for which schools will be held accountable.  One of those measures has a direct link to careers learning:- } “From September 2013, Ofsted will introduce a sharper focus to the performance and progress of Pupil Premium pupils in their inspections. It is unlikely that […]

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